Trakovi za vadbo Xenios BodyWeight Gym Profesional vključeni VADBENI KROGI

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The BODYWEIGHT GYM is a comprehensive “strap gym kit”. Contained in a convenient travel bag, this kit  was created by the Xenios USA R&D team in order to provide the user with all the tools to perform any kind of suspended-body exercises, either with the body in touch with the ground, or fully suspended. The two main independent buckle-adjustable straps can be anchored everywhere: to the wall, the roof, a gym rack,  any kind of natural outdoor anchoring point (using the supplied “anywhere” anchors), or  a closed door (using the supplied door anchors).

Thanks to the multi-use handles provided, hundreds of exercises can be performed by either grasping the handles with the hands, or using them as a fulcrum for the feet. Along with the kit, two steel rings are also included. Thanks to the carabiners of the straps, they can replace the multi-use handles to perform hard Muscle-ups. A special Head Strap is further provided to perform suspended body  workout, involving all the neck muscles. The Bodyweight GYM is made using two strong Nylon straps, all sewn with triple machine-made stitches. For increased durability and safety, all the buckles and carabiners are steel made. The adjustable strap’s segments are both printed with positioning markers, so to ease change the distance from the floor while used in a group training class.

The Bodyweight Gym is supplied into a Nylon Back-Pack, so to be easy moved anywhere you’ll decide to have your workout.


Bodyweight GYM (Suspension training kit) - PRO

- Luxury back-pack

- Adjustable straps w/cam-buckles and carabiners

- Anywhere anchor starps

- Door Anchors

- Multi-use strap handles w/double cradle

- Steel rings w/anchor straps

- Head strap

- Carabiner's neoprene covers

- Y-Kit (for unbalanced workouts)

Nylon/Steel Navy Blue 4 25x25x40 (LxLxA)



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