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  • 3-dimensional training device that moves in all directions, including lateral turns
  • To train the muscles while coordinating and stabilizing the joints
  • 2 adjustable resistance levels (low and high training intensity)
  • Reebok University Program included
  • Weight: 12 kg


The popularity of Reebok Step continuous undiminished. But now Reebok has introduced Core Training as an alternative program that satisfies perfectly the popular demand for a new and different kind of total-body exercise than the conventional fat-burn and cardio workout.

Reebok Core Training synthesizes modern fitness principles from multiple fields of specialisation, for optimal muscle conditioning that bridges the gaps between competetive and recreational sport, fitness and strength training, as well as rehabilitation and prevention.
  • What is Core Training?
  • A three-dimensional training program
  • Increases the strength and stability of the torso with reactive exercises
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Heightened neuromuscular fitness
  • Greater capacity for all forms of movement
  • What is the Reebok Core Board?
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Board that turns on all three axes with variable stability to fit individual requirements
  • In addition to tilting, Core Board permits torque, a twist around the vertical axis of the body
  • Rebound mechanism provides "recoil", a dynamic response to user movement




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