Pod gumiran HEAVY WEIGHT DROP debeline 4cm plošče 1m2 (črna ali rdeča barva)

119,00 €

Šifra: POD-GHWD-40

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Safety mat for weight ranges / weight lifting
This professional fall protection mat is ideal for flexible selective soil protection.
Whether the maschines - weight area or for Crossfit and functional training, this high-density disk is universal everywhere,
where an increased protection of the bottom surface or of the equipment is required.
of high-density - bound rubber granulate
medium traffic level - up to 250 kg
with extra fine compacted surface
Extra slip-resistant surface and abrasion resistant
sweat resistant, easy to wipe clean
Approximate dimensions: L x W: 1010 x 1010 mm, 40 mm thick
Weight approx: 35 kg / pc
Pricing: per piece
Available in colors: red and black - please specify each above the required amount of each color in the cart.
suitable selective by the heavy weight ideal for loose and / or full-scale installation
is used in applications where an increased need for fall protection for floors and equipment is required.
Ideally suited for heavy dumbbell claimed areas, weightlifting, powerlifting and Crossfit
less selective or full-scale indoor installation
Full-surface gluing or fixing with adhesive tape is possible, but not mandatory,
since the plates have an excellent and safe self-fixing by the high weight and the non-slip bottom.
If necessary, the surface can be framed (last / final-frame)
The precise cutting and the cutting of recesses are possible with a craft knife or a jigsaw


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