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Suitable for professional use in the studio or at home
Cage Pro Power Cage / Rack / dumbbell including multifunction chin-up device
This PowerCage a variety of training options are available. Nearly all free weight exercises can be performed safely and efficiently.
Only barbell from a handle inside diameter of 1240mm
The steel storage tubes (Gun System) are 16-way adjustable in height from 46cm to 168cm
The chin-up device is painted black, knurled and marked.
The black rubber bumper end caps provide a stable stand, even on uneven or slippery surfaces.
solid and stable design
Square steel frame construction
60 x 60mm thick steel
Additional cross-struts at the rear of the rack, ensure maximum stability.
Maximum weight up to 400 kg
Dimensions: power cage / rack
about 218cm tall / 123cm wide / 140cm deep
Frame color: white
Weight: 90 Kg
Dimensions: chin-up device
Handle length: approx 108cm / Ø 25mm
Dimensions: Storage devices
Short Shelves: about 22cm long
Long shelves: approx 110cm long
Striker bar: 5mm thick / Ø 70mm
Recording area: about 12cm long
Note: Example
The weight plates and barbell are not included.
1 x Pro Power Cage white with accessories (4 small compartments and 2 large shelves)


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