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BH FITNESS TR LINE LEG PRESS je profesionalna naprava primerna za uporabo v fitnes centrih, športnih klubih, rehabilitacijskih centrih ter za zahtevno domačo uporabo. Naprava je razstavni model, v brezhibnem stanju kot nova.


Dolžina: 206 cm

Širina: 112 cm

Višina: 148,5 cm 

Teža: 298 kg 

Uteži: 135 kg 

Opis proizvajalca:

Back rest inclination adjustment
For the most adequate posture

Oversized and non-slip rubber platform to support the user's feet.

Side grips.
As support and fi xing points for the user.

Design with lower profile and solid outline. 
For a more visually striking and elegant line.

Reliable and durable design with optimized safety and comfort. 
Designed under the highest biomechanical standards and based on thorough studies of the anatomy of each muscle and its behavior during exercise. It ensures a range of soft and progressive exercise and a natural, precise and fluid movement.

Visual level indicator of weight training in 3 colors depending on the level of charge: Light, medium y advanced (green, yellow and red). 
Intuitive system that helps the user to quickly identify the load and the development or progression at the exercise.

Injected core seat. 
Unlike the classic foam padded particle boards, the injected core offers the advantage of uniformity, anti-distortion and greater anti-bacterial protection.

High resistance 5 mm thick coated steel cable
For a smooth, secure performance

4 mm thick ST-37 / 40 steel frame 
For guaranteed durability

Magnetic weight plate selectors
The magnets ensure that there is no possibility of the selector coming out during training. Some inexperienced users tend to knock the plates, which can cause the selector to come out in the middle of the training session, with the subsequent risk of injury.

Three layer coating
The design of this professional, up-to-date, stylish system is enhanced still further by its -layer coating comprising an initial anti-corrosion primer, for guaranteed durability, followed by an epoxy powder layer and finished with lacquer or varnish.

No need to stand up to change the weigth

Structure raised 50 mm above floor level with rubber tipped feet. This provides access for cleaning and vacuuming without scratching the paint

Information panel showing worked muscle groups and exercise position. This helps the user locate the machine quickly and use it correctly.

Setting elements are bright contrasting yellow. 
They provide a quick and easy visual identification of the selectors to be adjusted by any user, without help from the coach.

Weight stack with weight indicators in Kg / 0Weight stack with weight indicators in lbs and lbs. 

Front and rear fairings. 
Provides greater security to the user during exercise, avoiding accidents while the plates are moving.

Non-absorbent and non-slip rubber grips.

Absorbs shocks and it’s more resistant to breakage and microorganisms.


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