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Increase the group training activity options and offer to your customers a new and effective way of training, which is growing more and more popular all over Europe!


Natural elliptical and encircling stride movement, simulating seamlessly the patterns of movement of walk or running.


Allows a complete workout of upper, middle and lower body, with a high calorie burn and the use of many muscular groups.


Safe and suitable exercise for all kind of users, as it reduces to the minimum the impact on all joints.


Designed for optimum exercise biomechanics.
To guarantee smooth, natural movements for full muscle concentration.


Fully integrated materials and profiles for an avant garde design


Reduced dimensions that maximizes ROI per square meter in your gym


Designed for an easy cleaning, storage and transportation.


Frame: Oversized steel frame


Crank set: Steel cased three piece crank set designed for extra durability




Handlebar: Ergonomically designed for the best fit and maximum comfort the handlebars adjustable both horizontally and vertically


Handlebar: Multi-position handgrip. Adjustable for user comfort


Double multiposition handgrips adjustable by means of a screw.


Central handlebar adjustable vertically with double multiposition grip system . With a special covering.


Central handle system adjustable horizontally.


Adjustable support: to guarantee maximum stability


Wheels:For easy transportation


Bottle holder: Very useful for long training sessions


Resistance: Leather friction pad has almost infinite adjustability for fine tuned resistance. This system also acts as an emergency brake






Emergency quick brake, for a safer exercise.


Confortable oversized rubber pedals, with nonslip system and front protections.




Height: 160 cm / 63”


Width: 55 cm / 22”


Length: 123,5 cm / 48”


Weight of machine: 65Kg / 143 lbs.


Maximum user weight: 115Kg / 254 lbs.


Flywheel weight: 15Kg / 33 lbs.



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