MEGATEC multifunkcijska naprava MULTIPLEX

MEGATEC multifunkcijska naprava MULTIPLEX

Akcija: 2.061,00 €

Cena: 2.290,00 €

Šifra: ID00000002620

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MEGATEC multiplex je multifunkcijska naprava višjekakovostnega razreda.
Primerna je za profesionalno rabo in za zahtevnejšo uporabo doma.
Izjemno robustna in kakovostna izdelava.
Omogoča vadbo treh oseb hkrati.
Je kombinacija naprav z;
prostimi utežmi;
potiski(prsa, rame, tricep)
sveslanja (hrbet, roke) 
počepi in izpadni koraki (noge, zadnjica, meča..)
Postaja za lat poteg in vesanje ter biceps in triceps z ploščatimi utežmi na zatič
lastno težo
Postaja za zgibe in dipe
Naprava omogoča vadbo vseh mišičnih skupin na telesu.
Klop je nastavljiva v več kotih (navpično, poševno, ravno in negativno)
Možnost uporabe uteži-kolutov z luknjo premera 30 ali 50mm
Nastavki za uporabo elastičnih trakov, strach band-ov
Širina: 200cm
Višina: 214cm
Teža 280kg
V ceno je vključena dostava.
Cena montaže je 100eur.
Več spodaj:
The ultimate workout station from the new series MegaTec
Expandable by mounting option for diverse devices options ( see below)
Fully featured multi-gym which hardly leaves anything to be desired .
This innovative system combines five fundamental training equipment to a compact workout station in a class .
Lever - arm multi-press , lat pull , squat machine , dips Ingots and multibank allow extensive
Training routines with a large variety of exercises .
This ingenious system allows the simultaneous training of up to four people.
The rugged design is ideal for clubs , clubs, hotels and for the ambitious home users .
Sturdy construction in a compact design
Easy and comfortable handling with optimum ergonomics and top functionality
Sure, it was clear and stable
Extensive practice facilities
With Ø 30 mm Weight Plate recording as standard, optional for Ø 50 mm available
With protective feet , floor-saving and non-slip
Lever - arm multi-press station
Excellent biomechanics, ideally suited for the execution of fundamental exercises like flat bench press,
Incline bench presses , shoulder presses , decline bench press and other exercises
Alternating lever arms with two types of handle , 11 -way adjustable in 50 mm increments fine in the amount
and thus optimally positioned for each exercise
Handle length 98 cm
Device to mount resistance bands to produce additional training effects
The alternating lever arms have towards one-piece rigid levers the great advantage that both sides of the body
until the last repetition must provide the exact same exercise performance , making a disharmonious
Development will be cast successfully in strength and muscle size counter !
With parking position and adjustment position of the lever arms for enhanced exercise variety and greater ease of use
Load up to 250 kg (2 x 125 kg)
Lat pull-down station
Easy and comfortable handling
A variety of exercise opportunities by upper and lower Zugrollenfunktion without conversion available
Weight ratio 1:1 - no pulley effect !
The guide plate with 4 bearings,
chrome Ø 25 mm precision guide rods and ball-bearing pulleys provide
excellent running properties without bucking and tilting
Highly flexible, strain-free steel cables with black plastic coating
100 kg Magazine in 5KG graduation , for convenient and quick change of weight training
To attach additional weight 2.5 kg weight plates with the possibility for finer gradation weight
or simply to increase the weight
Device to mount resistance bands to produce additional training effects
Swivel seat for full usability of the lower pull roller
Adjustable leg clamp
Stand plates and footrest for stability and grip with pull exercises over the lower pulley
Ideally suited for the training of the back , shoulder , arm and chest muscles
Load capacity up to 180 kg
Leg Workout Station
Ideally suited for training the thigh and calf muscles
Optimum ergonomics , easy and comfortable handling
Back support exercise performance by stable guided posture
NOTABLAGE quickly and easily adjustable to two different heights
Latch system with hand operation for the START - STOP position
Two Stemmbleche allow variable exercise performance by different leg positions
whereby the thigh muscles differing training stimuli may be suspended.
Quick and easy to perform calf training without modification, integrated by Wade block
Device to mount resistance bands to produce additional training effects
Ball-bearing lever arm with comfortable padding
Load capacity up to 200 kg
Dips Station
Massive Dips ingots for the training of breast, Trizep and shoulder muscles
Stable Ø 45 mm bars , heavy duty up to 250 kg
With device for hanging resistance bands to produce additional training effects
Multibank RAS
Sure, extremely variable , comfortable and super stable
Optimum ergonomics and easy handling
Self-sufficient operational, easy and fast positioning in the Multi-Gym
Back 15-fold adjustable in inclination of -10 ° (negative) to 82 °
Seat 3 -way adjustable in inclination
By Scooter Adjustment System RAS the bank is after adjusting the inclination always automatically
the correct position for the dumbbell, without which the bank must additionally be moved.
The bank is practically aligned only once at the dumbbell rack and then for all exercises of negative
to neck presses remain in this position .
The seat height is reduced depending on the inclination angle of the backrest up to 10 cm
The lower seat height is beneficial when incline bench and shoulder presses as with various dumbbell exercises.
This offers clear advantages in terms of safety and handling.
Supplied with removable reinforcing brace for heavy loads in the flat position
Extremely sturdy frame construction
Load capacity up to 400 kg
With front tube adapter to accommodate various optional accessories - devices (see below) for legs, chest, arms, shoulders and abdomen
With transport wheels and swivel handle for quick and easy positioning of the Bank
With protective feet , floor-saving and non-slip
DMaße and weights:
workout station
Depth: 198 cm
Width: 215 cm -323 cm (without / with multi-bank)
Height: 214 cm
Weight: about 280 kg
Length: about 149 cm
Width: about 76 cm
Height: about 45 cm - 112 cm
Weight: about 46 kg
Dimensions padding Multi Bank:
Back: Length x width 80 cm x 24 cm / 31 cm
Padding Overall length: 121 cm
load capacity:
Multi Bench: 400 kg
Multi-press lever arms: 250 kg (2 x 125 kg)
Lat pull: 180 kg
Squat machine: 200 kg
Dip bars: 250 kg
Colour Combination: Deep Orange and Jet Black
Upholstery: black, with MegaTec logo
Assembly instructions:
If you as a PDF file available for download.



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