Barbarian naprava za lat poteg in veslanje Plate loaded

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Heavy-duty lat pull - from the Barbarian Line
Dumbbell holder 30 mm / 50 mm
A top towing equipment which differs significantly from the conventional products in terms of stability, load capacity and performance!
With top and bottom Zugrollenfunktion - so a variety of kind of connection are possible without any modification of the device. With optimal power transmission - no pulley effect!
highly flexible steel cables - plastic coated, no loss of elongation!
high capacity - 180 kg
Weight ratio 1:1
the padded roll is adjustable to the height
Extra high Streckmaß (distance between the seat and rod) provides a complete lines / unmounting of the arms
Construction of thick-walled steel tube 80 x 80mm, 5mm thick upper cladding role - CNC machined steel,
Carriage guide to 25mm solid steel shafts
Leg support / cushion rollers adjustable in height
with large metal stand and secure footrest for rowing
was extremely resistant construction - detached, yet compact and space-saving
with rubberized feet, floor-saving and non-slip
silky and smooth running characteristics through Gleitbuchsenführung - even at high weights
extra wide, ball bearing rollers allow for special oblique pulling exercises such as one-arm rowing, shoulder lateral raises, etc.
Dumbbell holder 30 mm and 50 mm
Load capacity 180 kg
including metal hook
2 Pull Handles Included: 1 x 110 cm lat bar and 1 x-handle rudder closely
Dumbbell consumption: standard 30 mm

DIM: 219 x 75 x 145 cm

TEŽA: ca. 90 kg

180 kg



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